Arizona Buyer Advisory

The Arizona Buyer Advisory is the ultimate resource tool when purchasing a home - your first or 15th!


It doesn't matter if you buy a home for sale in Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa or Tempe - the Arizona Buyer Advisory was written to assist

home-buyers statewide.  The importance of the Advisory comes into play during the 10-Day Inspection Period which is referenced in the Purchase Contract.  It is during this time that you have the opportunity to investigate any and all items of importance to you pertaining to the home you're buying: termites, air traffic patterns, leaking roof, etc. 


The Advisory along with Realtors provide direction of where some of the answers to your questions may be found.  Equally, without a point of reference (reading the Advisory,) it's difficult to define "importance," as endangered and threatened species and future freeway expansion are not often items of concern.  They should be.  


The Arizona Buyer Advisory provides "where" to get answers. 


The link below will open in a new window and take you to the most recent copy of the Arizona Buyer Advisory located on the Arizona Association of Realtors website:  


Of course you'll receive a copy in writing.


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Karen Peyton, Associate Broker

"Because someday begins today."