Chandler Home Sales Data

Here's a bird's eye view of home sales in Chandler for the months shown.  The aggregate data provider is Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service and the average sold prices are based upon all residences regardless of type.  With that in mind, this information should not be used to price a home for sale or determining the offer price of a purchase - but rather to spot shifts toward higher or lower pricing overall. When buying or selling, focused data is required and only a fractional portion of all available is used.  Call or email for a sale or offer price.

Chandler Homes Sales: August 1, 2017 - August 31,2017

According to Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service, 436 residences changed hands in Chandler during the month of August. Of those sold, the smallest home was a one bedroom, one bath, single family residence of 650 square feet, which sold for $137,000.  The largest home had eight bedrooms, twelve baths, 11,881 square feet, and sold for $2,250,000.  The lowest price of any home sold was $72,000 (two beds, two baths, 929 sq. ft.).  The highest sold price was also the the largest home at $2,250,000*.  Average prices were $333,350 for 2,149 square feet.


Although the highest price and largest home were the same this month, it's important to note size and price are not necessarily related elements as can be seen with the smallest home vs. lowest price. 



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