Lender Contact

Choosing a licensed mortgage loan officer is no easy task and not every lender offers the best loan given your income and credit.  Who to trust...right?

Ask family, friends, and co-workers for a referral as they will speak from experience both good and bad.

Stay away from stray internet ads requiring personal information, and remember "if it's too good to be true," it probably isn't true.

Just as you shop for most things in life you can also shop for a lender to compare interest rates and costs among several.  If you'd like to compare or are looking for a good match, add your details and a local licensed mortgage professional will contact you. 

To be clear, I gain nothing if you use a lender I recommend and lose nothing if you don't. 

The game is won when you find a lender you trust with interest rates and costs you can afford.

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Karen Peyton, Associate Broker

"Because someday begins today."